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Children's Dentistry

Your Kids Will Love Us!Kids Dentist El Cajon CA
We understand how difficult it can be to get a child excited to come to a dental appointment. But you will be relieved to know that children of all ages enjoy their visits to our office! Together with the use of the latest technologies that are often pain-free, quick, and easy and our friendly and caring team, your children will be happy to come in for dental exams. Parents will be pleased that at every visit, we encourage a child to maintain good dental care and nutritional eating habits for healthy teeth and gums. We look forward to seeing how much they’ve grown and changed year after year and helping them have good health and a beautiful smile.

No More Dental Fears
No kidding! Our office and team members make children of all ages feel relaxed. It is our goal to ensure that children will grow up and no longer have fears of going to the dentist throughout their lifetimes. And as many of our parents have told us, we are accomplishing just that!

Pediatric Dental Care El CajonA Dentist is as Important for Your Child’s Health
as a Pediatrician

We continually educate and encourage good dental habits in all our young patients. We make learning and treatments fun and easy for them. But it is important to know that children’s teeth are more prone to cavities.

Even with proper instruction, children do not always brush their teeth well, and we ask parents to oversee their child’s daily dental hygiene. As children eat more often throughout the day, their teeth have prolonged exposure to acid and this increases the chances they will develop more cavities.

This is why is it important that a tooth is cleaned properly. We can help by applying a fluoride varnish to their permanent teeth and along with encouragement in selecting healthy food choices and thorough brushing, chances of cavities developing are greatly reduced.

Dental Sealants Dentist El CajonWe Make it Easier to Prevent Tooth Decay

Often times, even meticulous brushing doesn’t clean all the contours and grooves of a tooth. When acids, bacteria, and plaque start to accumulate, decay will occur. When a tooth has decay, it is permanently damaged and needs to be repaired with a filling or crown.

We can now apply dental sealants to children’s teeth to help them maintain their natural tooth structure. Here is the quick and easy procedure:

First, the teeth are cleaned and sterilized. Then a clear, thin coating of the sealant is applied. With a curing light, the sealant is bonded to the teeth. There is no pain, and this procedure takes only a few minutes. It helps to protect your child’s teeth during their formative years so they can have their natural teeth for a lifetime.

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