Sunday, 27 March 2016

Children's Prevention Dentistry

Dentists and Their Care Are Part of Maintaining Your Children's Good Health

It is important to be aware how susceptible children's teeth are to cavities. There are reasons for this easy development of cavities.

Children often eat throughout the day, referred to as grazing. Every time food is chewed, acids are produced in the mouth. Continual exposure to acids from frequent eating adds to the possibility of more cavities developing.

Kids do not always brush properly or thoroughly. If teeth are not cleaned properly on a daily basis, bacteria and acids build up, leading to the start of cavities. Depending on the type of foods frequently consumed and the quality of daily hygiene, more cavities will develop at a rapid rate.

We advise parents to oversee that children develop proper brushing and flossing and that they do so each and every day. We recommend better, more nutritious food choices, and one application of a dental sealant to mineralize the teeth and reduce the chances of decay setting in.

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