Thursday, 12 June 2014

Laser Dentistry

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Lasers Make a Treatment Easy and Comfortable

WaterLase Dentistry El Cajon CAThe main reason patients have fear of dentistry is because of shots or the use of a drill in a procedure. With laser technology, now for many treatments, we can repair teeth or heal gums without needles or drills! Previously, a dental laser was used only for teeth whitening or gum problems, but the WaterLase™ is used for a wider range of applications to make more procedures comfortable. As the droplets of water are WaterLase Dentistry El Cajon CAemitted from the handpiece, the water absorbs the energy from the laser, instead of the teeth. The energized water actually removes the decay and there is no need for needles and no pain!

Easier and Faster Treatments with The Picasso™ Laser

Picasso Laser TechnologyDental work that previously required scalpels and incisions can now be performed with the Picasso Laser. This FDA-approved technology is safe, effective, and painless! It can also be used in cosmetic procedures such as making gum lines even, giving instant relief from mouth ulcers and cancer sores, and re-contouring areas of inflamed gum tissue. It makes for a shorter recovery time with no post-op discomfort. 

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