Monday, 2 June 2014

Senior Dental Care

The Care Our Seniors NeedDental Care for Seniors in El Cajon CA
We understand the needs of our seniors to maintain healthy teeth and gums and we provide excellent care to relieve their dental problems. We have procedures that can remove build-up of plaque as well as make teeth white again after years of caffeine or tobacco consumption. We have products to solve the concern of reduced saliva flow from medication use. We watch for cracks in teeth or loose fillings that need to be replaced to prevent decay within the tooth from developing. We always advise them of the need to see us immediately if gums are red or bleed from brushing or flossing or teeth become loose. These are symptoms of gum disease or root decay and can lead to serious health problems, especially in seniors. 

East County Dental Studio
Kurt Christensen, DDS - Steven Krause, DDS, MAGD
337 West Madison Avenue
El Cajon, CA 92020
Phone: (619) 442-8841

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