Friday, 17 January 2014

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Your Crown is Completed in One Appointment

CEREC 1 Day Crowns - Process You may have had a need for a crown in the past and went through all the steps to have the procedure completed. First there is the preparation of the tooth, then an impression, and while your permanent crown is being made, a temporary restoration is placed in your mouth. After a two-week waiting period, you go to the dentist again for the installation of the permanent crown. Sometimes it does not fit properly and is sent back to the lab, which results in more waiting time for you. And then there is one more visit to the dentist.

CEREC TechnologyYou will be very pleased to know that technology has changed what was formerly a time-consuming procedure. With CEREC™ technology, you can receive a crown from start to finish in just one visit. CEREC is a milling device that provides a computerized design to give you the perfect-fitting crown. It does so in just a matter of one appointment! No return visits or waiting! Our patients’ reactions – they love it!

The entire procedure with CEREC takes about an hour. There are no more impressions to take or temporaries to create. It provides what patients want and need – a durable and natural looking restoration that is accomplished in just one visit.

CEREC Dental RestorationsUsing the CEREC technology, we apply a reflective powder on the tooth. With a high-tech camera, a picture is taken and immediately ready for viewing on a computer screen. We initially design the crown and CEREC creates it. The crown is then bonded to the remaining tooth structure. What could be faster and easier? 

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  1. Hi! You have a very nice blog. The content of your blog is very informative. Keep on blogging; I’m following your post. Anyway, last time I had my dental restoration and I choose the CEREC restoration. I choose it because it looks natural nothing changed. The dentist that conducted my treatment is under of recommendation. The service is awesome, my payment is worth it.

  2. I agree that in using the CEREC technology, dentists apply a reflective powder on the tooth. I saw this already! Thanks for the post.